Meetings to include Open Discussion and Guest Speaker Seminars:

Guest Speakers include:

-Reproductive Endocrinologist: Dr. Christopher Sipe, Dr. Eve Feinberg, Fertility Centers of Illinois

-Obstetrician/Gynecologist: Chicago Women’s Health Group

-Alternative and Holistic Medicine: Dr. Kristine Tohtz, Serenity Health & Wellness

-Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Infertility Survivor: Sara Connell

-Clinical Nutritionists & Lifestyle and Wellness Consultants

-panel of women who have overcome infertility sharing their experiences

Topics to include:

-infertility 101, infertility options, infertility financing

-how alternative medicine can aid in your infertility treatment (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc.)

-relaxation techniques

-women’s “whole” health, etc.

Special Events to include:

-Private Tour of the Embryology Lab at Fertility Centers of Illinois

-Girls Night Out – Mani/Pedi’s

-Healthy Cooking Class

-Couples Massage

-and more!

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The Dailey Method

Wellsprings Health Associates

Chicago Women’s Health Group

Fertility Centers
of Illinois