I am a wife to the love of my life and best friend, mommy to my Scooter, entrepreneur, infertility consultant and survivor, friend to women I think of as sisters, only daughter, cat lover (and furr mom to my two girls), city dweller, marathoner, fitness instructor, coffee-a-holic, pizza lovin, cookie connoisseur, iTunes junkie, overly organized, sports lover (I-L-L, I-N-I, BEAR Down), superstitious, glass half-full type of girl…who is immensely passionate about all things women’s health – ESPECIALLY infertility and overcoming it!

Here is a little more of a sneak peak into my life:

I live in Chicago, IL (the Bucktown neighborhood to be exact) and LOVE it.  I love being a city dweller!  I grew up in the burbs (Elk Grove Village to be exact), and am a proud Conant Cougar and Fighting Illini!

I am an only child, my parents still live in the same house I grew up in!

I am married to my best friend and first love, Bill.  We started dating in 1995 after working together at our first job – Baskin Robbins.  From there we went to each other’s senior proms, and the rest is history!  We got married in 2002, and have enjoyed every minute since!  He is my rock, my support, my everything.  We are truly a team!

We are furr parents to our cats Sheila and Miranda, our first “kids”.  We spoil them rotten and love it!  We would have never guessed ourselves as “cat people” but we are, to the fullest!  We appreciate every little quirk and characteristic of them both!  They have definitely helped prep us to be parents to a “human” kid!

I am happy to call my close friends my family, they truly are my brothers and sisters!  I value the close bonds we share more than anything!

I am now the uber proud mommy to Gwen, my Scooter!  She has opened my eyes to all the wonders of life and helped me s-l-o-w down to enjoy the itty bitty moments that are so special!

And most importantly, I am an Infertility Consultant and Founder and President of Shine – a ray of light on infertility – a place of comfort, community, and support for women living with infertility.


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Wellsprings Health Associates

Chicago Women’s Health Group

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